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Business support with energy efficient solutions, green investment, funding and energy audits.

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Energy - Farm Production & Mechanization, Energy - Agricutural Processing, Financial Solution, Energy - Energy Production and infrastructure agriculture

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Senegal is an important producer and consumer of rice in West Africa. Nevertheless, it does import most of its rice demand to meet its needs. This is due to a number of challenges, including high energy prices for prodcuing the rice, high processing and logistical costs for transfrorming the rice, and interruptions in the energy supply to the grid. In addition, the agri-food sector in general is responsible for half of Senegal’s greenhouse gas emissions.


GGGI provides advice to identify opportunities for using renewable energy to improve agricultural productivity and climate change resilience in the rice value chain. With WE4F and building on its previous experience, GGGI is supporting five Senegalese rice mills in introducing energy efficiency management plans and renewable energy solutions while contributing to the mobilization of green investments. This includes energy audits and the mobilisation of financing. This will enable the transformation towards a more resilient and sustainable industry in the Senegal River Valley.


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