Scaling groundbreaking water-energy-food innovations to impact food security, gender, and poverty reduction in an environmentally-sustainable way.

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Green Gold Farms

Research and development in the field of regenerative agricultural practices

Product Segment(s): Energy - Farm Production & Mechanization, Water - Capture / Storage, Financial Solution


Tech solutions for efficient and sustainable poultry farming

Safi Organics

Implementing localized and organic fertilizer production in rural villages

Product Segment(s): Energy - Farm Input

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November 7, 2022 in Program News

Grand Challenges Annual Meeting with WE4F

WE4F was at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting hosting the session, "End-User Financing to Combat the Impacts of Climate Change". SOWIT and aQysta joined in-person, while ONergy and FIN'Elle participated through pre-recorded videos. The session covered the importance of…
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November 4, 2022 in Innovator News

WE4F is at COP27 – Come Meet Our MENA Regional Innovation Hub!

One of the most important events to discuss climate change and its impact on a global scale is currently happening in Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt, and we are delighted that our…
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November 4, 2022 in Innovator News, S/SEA RIH

How to Provide Cambodian Smallholder Farmers with a Gateway to Financial Services

Smallholder farmers are the backbone of agriculture - a key sector in Cambodia's sustainable development. As more and more new technological innovations help improve farms’ efficiency and productivity, the agricultural…
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November 4, 2022 in Innovator News, MENA RIH

Invest In A Sustainable Future: The Case of Green Essence

The WE4F Middle East and North Africa Regional Innovation Hub (MENA RIH) organized the ‘Invest In A Sustainable Future: The Case of Green Essence' pitching event where the Green Essence…
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November 4, 2022 in Program News, S/SEA RIH

S/SEA Hub and Women on Wings Announce a Strategic Partnership to Create an Impact on Rural Women in India

India is an agrarian economy, with about 54.6 percent of the workforce engaged in agricultural and allied sector activities (Source: NITI Aayog, Government of India). Of the workers on Indian…
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November 2, 2022 in Program News, S/CA RIH

Invest in Southern and Central Africa through Water and Energy for Food

For most African countries, the agriculture sector is the cornerstone of economic growth. Over a third of national incomes, the majority of export revenues and employment can be attributed to…
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Water is used for ag production, forestry, fishery, the agri-food supply chain, and to produce or transport energy. Energy is required to produce, transport and distribute food, as well as to extract, pump, lift, collect, transport, and treat water.

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