Scaling groundbreaking water-energy-food innovations to impact food security, gender, and poverty reduction in an environmentally-sustainable way.

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Amped Innovation

Developing affordable solar cooling products through a results-based financing project

Product Segment(s): Energy - Aggregation, Storage, & Logistics, Energy - Energy Production and infrastructure agriculture

Bahir Al Kamal

Stage 2: 101-1000 end-users

Solar systems for smallholder farmers on a needs basis

Product Segment(s): Energy - Farm Input


Tropical weather forecast for farmers linked with farming advisory services

Product Segment(s): Digital Solution

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January 27, 2023 in Program News

Women Empowerment in West Bengal – WE4F External Surveyor Shares Her Experiences

In 2019, I joined the Securing Water for Food Grand Challenge in 2019 (SWFF) as a field evaluator and conducted two evaluations in India. When I heard of this opportunity…
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January 10, 2023 in Meet a WE4F Innovator, Middle East and North Africa, Video

Platfarm – Providing Precision Farming and Irrigation Solutions

Platform Interview Part 1: Meet a WE4F InnovatorPlatform Interview Part 2: Helping End-Users Overcome Barriers While Scaling Operations
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January 10, 2023 in Innovator News, MENA RIH

2022 in Retrospect – How Perseverance Brings a Positive Impact!

Last year, as we wrapped up 2021, many of our MENA innovators wondered what their businesses and innovations would look like in 2022. Would many people return to the office?…
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January 5, 2023 in Southern and Central Africa, Video

Year in Review: Southern and Central Africa Regional Innovation Hub

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January 5, 2023 in S/SEA RIH, South and Southeast Asia

A Year in Review: Wins and Reflections of South and Southeast Asia Regional Innovation Hub in 2022

A year has passed in the blink of an eye. As we begin 2023, we wanted to reflect on our hub's achievements and learnings in 2022. Learning from 2021’s challenges…
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January 3, 2023 in Meet a WE4F Innovator, South and Southeast Asia, Video, West Africa

Meet a WE4F Innovator: Husk Power

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Water is used for ag production, forestry, fishery, the agri-food supply chain, and to produce or transport energy. Energy is required to produce, transport and distribute food, as well as to extract, pump, lift, collect, transport, and treat water.

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