Scaling groundbreaking water-energy-food innovations to impact food security, gender, and poverty reduction in an environmentally-sustainable way.

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Green Eagle Tech

Stage 4: 10,001-999,999 end-users

Provides solar solutions and rain irrigation systems that increase and optimize farm productivity.

Product Segment(s): Energy - Farm Input, Water - Irrigation


​​Building Local Capacity to Increase Organic Fertilizer Use​

Product Segment(s): Energy - Farm Input, Energy - Farm Production & Mechanization, Energy - Aggregation, Storage, & Logistics, Energy - Agricutural Processing

Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE)

Stage 1: 0-100 end-users

Bioslurry: extending the reach of biogas innovation

Product Segment(s): Energy - Farm Input

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December 6, 2023 in MENA RIH, Program News

Join Water and Energy for Food at This Year’s Arab SME Summit

As the much-anticipated Arab SME Summit descends upon Marrakesh, the stage is set for a transformative exploration of the green sector in the MENA region. WE4F is thrilled to collaborate…
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December 6, 2023 in MENA RIH, Program News

Empowering Women in Agriculture at Cairo Water Week

Dr. Noura Abdelwahab, the MENA Regional Innovation Hub’s (MENA RIH) Gender Specialist, recently participated in several significant sessions at the Cairo Water Week where she shared lessons learned from -…
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November 28, 2023 in Resources, S/CA RIH

Financing Agribusiness: What Sub-Saharan Innovators Need to Know about Raising Investment

There is an estimated US$11 billion financing gap for agribusinesses in Africa, with innovators in Sub-Saharan Africa facing several challenges in their investment-raising journey. From the business's perspective, obstacles include…
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November 27, 2023 in Program News

Blooming Amidst the Storm: Maselina John’s Journey of Hope and Transformation in Malawi

Malawi, positioned within the Southwest Indian Ocean cyclone belt, has been grappling with the relentless impacts of climate change over the past four years. Devastating cyclones, forceful winds, and torrential…
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November 21, 2023 in Innovator News, MENA RIH, Program News

Sowing the Seeds of Change: WE4F at COP28

As the countdown begins for the upcoming 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), anticipation is building for a series of engaging sessions that promise to delve into the most…
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November 16, 2023 in EA RIH, Program News, WA RIH

All Eyes on Africa’s Soils: West and East Africa Hubs Scale Organic Fertilizers in 2023

Organic fertilizer: it comes in different shapes and formulations, is the perfect example of a circular approach, and turns out to be a great solution to upcycle natural waste.  Most…
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Water is used for ag production, forestry, fishery, the agri-food supply chain, and to produce or transport energy. Energy is required to produce, transport and distribute food, as well as to extract, pump, lift, collect, transport, and treat water.

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