Scaling groundbreaking water-energy-food innovations to impact food security, gender, and poverty reduction in an environmentally-sustainable way.

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SudaGarlic Multi-activities Co.LTD

Stage 5: 1,000,000+ end-users

Improving Garlic Seeds and Processing in Sudan

Product Segment(s): Energy - Aggregation, Storage, & Logistics, Energy - Value-Added Processing


Stage 1: 0-100 end-users

AUTOFARM – automated farming system for water and energy savings compatible with open and vertical agriculture

Product Segment(s): Water - Re-use / Efficiency

Claro Energy Private Limited

Positive net income

Solar irrigation systems that enhance food security and minimize production costs in India

Product Segment(s): Energy - Farm Production & Mechanization, Water - Irrigation

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May 30, 2023 in EA RIH, Innovator News

Hydroponics and Green Transformation – towards resilient food systems in the far North of Kenya

It is finally raining in Kenya again, and even the Northern Regions around Lake Turkana receive some of it. So far, more drops have fallen in the first five months…
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May 22, 2023 in Innovator News, S/CA RIH


Picture what protecting biodiversity looks like. Eating more meat isn’t often what comes to mind. Like the rest of the world, livestock production is one the leading causes of biodiversity…
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April 13, 2023 in Program News

WE4F Releases New RFP

The Water and Energy for Food MENA Regional Innovation Hub has released a new Request for Proposal. They are currently recruiting a service provider to propose a team of specialists…
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April 7, 2023 in Program News

Water and Energy for Food Launches Open Calls for Innovations.

Water and Energy for Food Launches Open Calls for Innovations. The Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) Grand Challenge is proud to announce the launch of Open Call for Innovations…
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April 5, 2023 in Innovator News, MENA RIH

Crowdfunding with AlvaTech

ALVÁTECH is a ground-breaking tech and social business that has developed an affordable solar-powered water treatment technology that effectively mitigates water and soil salinization. The treatment involves changing the molecule…
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March 31, 2023 in Innovator News, S/SEA RIH

Turning Waste into Energy Gold – EGreen’s Biogas Tech Tackles Challenges in Vietnam’s Pig Industry

Pork is king in Vietnam - the country is Asia’s second-largest pork producing country and the 6th largest in the world. Also, pork is the most consumed meat in Vietnam.…
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Water is used for ag production, forestry, fishery, the agri-food supply chain, and to produce or transport energy. Energy is required to produce, transport and distribute food, as well as to extract, pump, lift, collect, transport, and treat water.

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