Green Gold Farms

Research and development in the field of regenerative agricultural practices

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Energy - Farm Production & Mechanization, Water - Capture / Storage, Financial Solution


Ghana imports most of its food despite excellent production conditions in the country itself. This leads to import dependency, threatens the country’s food stability, and reduces job creation. The lack of quality of imported products also creates a public health problem. These factors perpetuate the country’s cycles of poverty. With a growing population and food needs, food independence has become a major issue in Ghana.


GGF seeks to increase Ghana’s food independence by ending food imports in key commodities such as maize, soybeans and other agricultural products. To achieve this, the innovator has developed extensive research experience and has begun to implement regenerative agricultural practices. GGF has set itself the goal of improving the mix of their regenerative farming practices to reduce their water and energy consumption. They are considering practices such as conservation tillage, crop rotation, managed grazing, elimination of mineral fertilizers, etc. In addition, GGF aims to develop a profitable business model based on ecological practices, notably through the sale of carbon credits. On this basis GGF will develop a center of excellence in regenerative agriculture to disseminate their agricultural practices and business model among small farmers.


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