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In West Africa, 55% of the population lives off agriculture. The agro-food sector is a key sector for sustainable development: it is responsible for 30% of global energy consumption, 70% of water consumption and 23% of greenhouse gas emissions. With population growth, the need for food will increase reaching about 60% by 2050. These needs will increase the pressure on natural resources, generating significant negative impacts on the environment, food production and therefore on people’s living conditions, while considerably accentuating the effects of climate change. To meet these challenges, companies are developing sustainable, water- and/or energy-efficient innovations and approaches. PEEPA/WE4F is a project that enables them to strengthen their entrepreneurial capacities to sell their technologies in markets at different scales. This project will create jobs through renewable energy and allow water savings while increasing food security.

About us

The West Africa Hub, based in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), has as its main mission to disseminate climate-friendly, water and/or energy-efficient innovations on a large scale in West Africa, including in Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin, Togo and Nigeria and of course Ivory Coast. These innovations will enable agro-food companies and the agricultural sector to produce more food with less water and energy while promoting renewable energies.

What are our goals?

  • The main objective of the PEEPA/WE4F project is to support innovators financially and technically, for example through calls for proposals and innovation competitions.
  • Its purpose is to finance companies developing or using agri-food innovations through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) by direct identification and 50%-50% PPP financing.
  • Finally, it aims to support the improvement of political framework conditions through work on policies, strategies and dialogue between the private and public sectors.

How do we achieve them?

In order to achieve its objectives, the PEEPA/WE4F project implements various activities, such as funding companies in agribusiness through PPPs to help them switch to green energy and lower water use, supporting innovators through grants and technical advice; setting up demonstration projects with enterprises, universities, NGOs, etc.; collecting and disseminating the results of demonstration projects; and developing and implementing exchange formats to adapt framework conditions.


We support up to 20 innovative SMEs thus reaching 50,000 farmers. Additional investments of €3 million for businesses are being mobilised, and we are strengthening national and regional cross-sectoral  policies (water-energy-food) for a green private sector in agribusiness.

Calls for Funding

No calls for funding at the moment.

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