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Drought, rising salinity, poor water quality, and unpredictable weather threaten the sustainability of agriculture.

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Level 7 - Achieving Profit Margin

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United States

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India, United States

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Zachery Gray

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Water - Salinity

A fungus found in Yellowstone National Park that reduces water consumption, increases drought tolerance, and enhances crop yields with no negative impact when applied to seeds.

Milestones and Achievements

In the first year of its participation in the Securing Water for Food program, BioEnsure® users in India saw a 29% increase in crop yields. Even those farming in difficult growing conditions are seeing an increase in plant resiliency. Currently, BioEnsure® is being applied to 4 food crops—okra, maize, wheat, and millet. Securing Water for Food isn’t the only program that believes in Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies’ innovation. The innovator has leveraged more than $2 million in outside funding in the first year.


  • Expand funding sources and make connections with potential investors.
  • Support in identifying partners in target countries to set up in-country testing facility and conduct seed tests.

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Some of the greatest threats facing agricultural sustainability are abiotic stresses including drought, rising salinity, and poor water quality, all of which are exacerbated by unpredictable weather. Simultaneously, increasing populations, urbanization, soil degradation, and the reduction of arable farmland are decreasing global agricultural growing capacity.


Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies’ BioEnsure® is a fungal seed and plant treatment that, when sprayed onto seeds, helps plants to adapt to water-related stress. By applying BioEnsure®, crops can grow in suboptimal conditions and use 50% less water. BioEnsure is the only product on or soon to be on the market that can confer stress tolerance.



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