Asili Farms

Trialing, researching, and adapting climate-smart farming practices for innovative farming model

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United States

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Water - Capture / Storage, Digital Solution


The negative impacts of climate change in Uganda fall disproportionally on smallholder farmers who are particularly vulnerable to extreme climate events, such as flooding, landslides and droughts. In the context of rain-fed agriculture retaining a higher ratio of water in the soil is crucial to mitigate the risk of droughts and to improve yields, leading to healthier soils, watersheds and food. Hence, the adoption of smart agricultural practice is an integral part for increasing agricultural productivity as it enhances adaptation to climate change.


Agilis has a mission to empower Ugandans to feed Africa and by establishing Asili Farms in 2013. Since then, it has pioneered climate-smart agriculture practices in Uganda, achieving a farming model that can yield food raw materialand improve climate resilience. Their WE4F supported project “Asili Climate-smart Farming Solutions”, a technical assistance project,  has the ultimate objective to identify and quantify monetary incentives to improve its climate-smart farming practices and to encourage and support their adoption by smallholder farmers, measuring the water and soil organic carbon improvements to aggregate, register and monetize carbon credits at scale. The project will deliver three main components including substantiating Asili’s carbon revenue model via a desktop study and field analysis of the soil to determine improved moisture content and microbiological activity; and carry out a feasibility study for the eligibility of a carbon farming project on its farms and a sample of smallholder farmers in its network.


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