Village Link Co Ltd

Farming app to connect farmers with agricultural professionals, resources, and other services 

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Stage 1: 0-100 end-users

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Seeking hybrid (convertible debt or similar)

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Yes, $200,000

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Myanmar, Sudan

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Quyen Ho McGrath

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Digital Solution

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Rice – a water-intensive crop – is currently widely grown in the driest areas of Myanmar, but it is highly dependent on a water supply available through policies and irrigation schemes. 

Myanmar’s dry zone is more suitable for drought-resilient and higher-value crops, but in order to make this change, farmers need climate suitability data to support their decision-making and optimize their profit. The timing of climate and weather-based information is also crucial for farm management activities and ensuring the right crops are chosen.


As part of the Htwet Toe mobile application, Village Link’s innovation provides crop suitability and farming practice advice to smallholder farmers in Myanmar. They support farmers’ location-specific and timely recommendations to make climate-smart decisions and reduce water usage on their farms.  

The Htwet Toe mobile application provides location-specific crop suitability advice based on their local climatic conditions to support farmers in selecting their area’s optimal crop. Their solution increases farmers’ climate-based decision-making, resilience to climate change, crop yield, and income. Their advice is based on a large historical data set, an accurate weather forecast, and a seasonal forecast tailored to each location and crop. With this advice, the risk of crop failure for the farmer is lower, the water use by the farmers is decreased, and water losses are reduced. 



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