Techno-Hill Engineering Company

Implementing island resilience through food value chain service  and solar energy

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​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity), Seeking debt (commercial or DFI)

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Yes, $5 million

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Barani Aung

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Energy - Farm Input


Mini-grid customers in island areas who export the fishery products to Thailand must sell their products at the spot market price, which is very low due to the lack of cold storage systems. 

 The marine fishing industry relies heavily on the use of fossil fuel. Aqua farmers run diesel generators to operate water pumps that clean all the raw fishery products. Additionally, a lack of relevant infrastructure negatively affects aqua farmers that cannot preserve their catch (lobsters) for longer durations. This is because lobsters obtain oxygen from the seawater in which they live and can only survive out of water for approximately one to two days.


Techno-Hill aims to establish green islands with 100% renewable energy by moving from a mini-grid company to productive appliance support for fishing farmers. According to the requirements of the islands, the innovatoraims to install solar dryer domes, solar cold storage systems and solar water pumping systems. 

The solar-powered appliances will allow local entrepreneurs to access services through cleaner sources and replace diesel pumps with solar pumping solutions with automatic sensors to limit water wastage. In addition, Techno-Hill is promoting wastewater treatment methods with an environmental monitoring and mitigation plan in place. 


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