Access to solar and storage solutions for SMEs through pay-as-you-go system

Innovation Type


Country of Incorporation


Country(ies) of Implementation

Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania

Product Segment

Energy - Farm Production & Mechanization, Water - Irrigation


High energy cost as well as unstable water supply on some parts of the country poses challenges on small holder farmers that rely on always having their water pump or water storage operative. The Menangai Tea Farm has been a client of Redavia where the company acquired, on a first project, solar panels for their farm and was looking for a solution to become independent from the grid energy used for a water pump running the irrigation of the tea farm. At times the grid connection voltage wasn’t sufficient to drive the water pump for irrigation.


Redavia’s supported project titled “Farm Irrigation with a Hybrid Solar and Storage System” is a result-based financing project that aims to develop an electricity storage to the Menengai Tea Farm in Kenya so they can become independent from the Kenyan electricity grid. The innovative REDAVIA pay-as-you-go system consists of a pre-configured Unit containing solar modules and electrical components. Once the Unit is on-site, REDAVIA’s trained, local specialists manage the installation, operations, and maintenance of each solar farm. Redavia solar power enables a seamless integration into the existing electricity supply infrastructure of a business or community to ensure a more cost-effective and cleaner energy mix – than with diesel generators. The solar installation with the electricity storage increases the consumption of solar energy / decreases the consumption of fossil grid energy while reducing its carbon footprint.



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