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Scaling Organic Avocado Oil from Kenyan Smallholder Farmers

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Agriculture dominates Kenya’s economy employing approximately 75 percent of Kenya’s workforce, though nearly one half of its agricultural production is for farmers’ own subsistence and Kenya’s smallholder farmers still have difficulty selling their products to new markets. From this and the desire to serve new markets it arises Olivado’s effort to offer a new range of competitive products, with a high nutritional value, to new countries while in turn adding value to farmers by increasing and providing them with a more stable income for their products.


Olivado’s “Market Focus Study for Mango and Avocado Powders” is a Technical Assistance (TA) project aiming to develop a market in the United Kingdom (UK) and France for Olivado’s main products in particular for its mango and avocado powders. While seeking fot investment. This TA is allowing them to work with a strategy consultant that will assist a with financial modeling, business plan and to integrate communication, automation and analytics systems that will enable Olivado to increase their efficiency and ensure better customer satisfaction to their farmers while providing them more income. Olivado’s mission is to develop quality products with the basis being supporting smallholder farmers while fostering a climate where environmental technology can thrive. Olivado successfully runs a Fair-Trade Organic out-grower scheme for 1,500 smallholder farmers in Kenya, more than half of them are women.



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