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Solar fridges as affordable energy solution for long-term storage

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Energy - Aggregation, Storage, & Logistics

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About 40% of food produced in Rwanda is lost, resulting in a loss of income and waste of resources that were put into producing the food in the first place. This food loss occurs in the context of low incomes, unemployment and climate change.

Current cooling solutions are either non-existent, costly in terms of energy use, or only provide cooling for short periods of time.


Munyax’s solar fridges provide reliable and alternative long-term storage solutions due to the superior insulation and ice battery technology employed in their design. The freezer can function as a refrigerator or as a freezer depending on user preference. Unlike existing cold storage solutions, which are dependent on scale in order to be effective, the versatile design of the freezer makes it suitable to be used to store various types of foods according to the approved temperature for storage of that class of food. Especially in the rural area in which access to energy is low and expensive. This ensures more harvest can be stored appropriately and sold at an opportune time, reducing the loss of fresh produce and increasing farmer incomes.


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