Innovex Uganda Limited

IoT-based digital solutions for transforming the distribution of off-grid solar systems and equipment.

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Crops need reliable water supply to grow, and livestock production requires water for drinking, producing feed, cleaning, and processing. Approximately 95% of the land in Sub-Saharan Africa relies on unpredictable seasonal rainfall to meet water needs (GOGLA, 2019). But rainfall is becoming less reliable and drought conditions are increasing and the changing weather patterns across Eastern Africa have tested the traditional season-based farming models, making many farmers unable to feed their families, let alone earn income from their produce. Additionally, in Africa, most smallholder farmers do not have access to large processors and/or grid electricity.


Innovex is developing IoT-based digital solutions for transforming the distribution of off-grid solar systems and equipment in Africa. The technology solutions provide remote monitoring, control, and payment integration for solar water pumping. The systems have the potential to make food production more efficient and productive while boosting income and employment opportunities for smallholder farmers, women, and youth. One hardware product family, the PUMP DAVIX, is tailored for control and monitoring of solar-powered water pumps: providing real-time information on variables such as panel voltage and current, battery voltage and current, and the water flow rate. The hardware is compatible with most commercially available water pumps. Another DAVIX family is custom-made for the control and monitoring of energy-intensive solar-powered agro-processing equipment, such as maize mills and cold-chains.


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