Guavay Company Limited

Towards increased crop yields and improved water retention capacity of soils using organic fertilizers.

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Energy - Farm Input


Through its fertilizer, Guavay is addressing the following challenges:

  • Poor soil productivity resulting in the continued decline of soil quality.
  • Inefficient utilization of fertilizers that affects small-scale farm level production.
  • Limited availability of certified organic inputs to grow export crops.
  • Compliance with organic export markets, where producers are left with managing high certification costs against poor yielding farms.


Guavay has developed specific fertilizer formulations for both organic and mineral organic fertilizers. Hakika Fertilizer’s unique formulation contains more than 25% organic matter, balanced macro and micro-nutrients, enriched with organic phosphorous, carbon and calcium. Hakika contributes to increased food production and greater agricultural productivity as crop-yields increase by up to 23%. It also promotes practices that ensure more sustainability of natural resources, such as water, where the application of Hakika increases soil water holding capacity and improves the soil structure leading to more resilience to both water stress and nutrient loss.



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