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Eco-friendly and cost-efficient energy solutions from agri-bio waste

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Hanny Mbaria

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Energy - Farm Input


Clean cooking and heating: Over 90% of households in Tanzania still use firewood and traditional charcoal to cook and heat their homes. Only 10% of the households are reported to have full-time use of improved biomass cook stoves. This has significant impacts on people’s health as smoke from firewood is a major cause of respiratory diseases in developing countries.

Poverty and sustainable livelihoods: Children from poor families often miss school due to their involvement in household activities, such as firewood collection and fetching of water.

Gender inequality: Women in developing countries are disproportionately affected by the lack of clean and efficient cooking stoves and fuels. They are largely responsible for the labour and time-intensive tasks of collecting fuel and cooking, where they inhale toxic smoke.


Biomass energy has a great unexploited potential to address poverty and environmental sustainability challenges in Africa. As a business, Hanny G. Investment Limited (HGIL) is committed to the development of new solutions and increase of adoption rates of green energy technologies, by currently offering: 1) modern cook stoves, 2) carbonized briquettes, and 3) non-carbonized briquettes. They are mostly used by food processing industries, schools, and domestic households. To this end, HGIL has invented non-carbonized charcoal briquette, called Kuni Poa, which is highly energy efficient in industrial boilers. It is estimated that, Kuni Poa saves up to 45% of the cost of traditional firewood. In addition, HGIL has introduced affordable, user friendly and efficient cooking stoves to its customers. These innovative cooking stoves, heaters and boilers have been proven to be efficient by 25% saving cost over other kind of cooking stoves, heaters and boilers.


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