Advising small holder farmers in water-efficient techniques for good quality yields and supply

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Due to droughts and further consequences of climate change, many small holder farmers in Rwanda are not able to get sufficient water to the higher lying areas for irrigating crops, due to droughts. This makes it impossible to work with these farmers who currently cannot be part of GET IT’S program. Consistent water supply is essential to be part of the program, which ultimately prevents farmers to produce high-quality yield crops. The burden on the current water supply, especially during the dry season, also prevents farmers from producing consistent crop quantities and therefore the opportunity cost of working with exporters or other distribution companies like GET IT.


In order to ensure continuity of supply and correct quality of goods, GET IT, as a fresh produce processing and distribution company, partners with local small holder farmers to advise and assist them in acceptable agricultural practices and methods such as encouraging crop rotation and water-efficient techniques.  Their WE4F supported project titled “Rulindo Water Tank & Irrigation Project” is a result-based financing project (“RBF project’’) with the aim to install solar-powered water pumps and storage tanks high up on the slopes of the agricultural areas where currently some farmers suffer from droughts and from the inability to get enough water to irrigate their crops. Further, the goal is to allow for water availability all year round and increase productivity and yield on the land so these smallholder farmers can participate in GET IT’s Program by leasing their land and earning income. Further, GET IT would be able to increase its revenue from higher sales, and look more attractive to investors.


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