WE!Hub Victoria Limited (also trading as WeTu)

Integrated Solar Cooling Solutions for fish and horticulture value chains at Lake Victoria.

Innovation Type


Country of Incorporation


Country(ies) of Implementation

Western Kenya

Product Segment

Energy - Aggregation, Storage, & Logistics, Energy - Fish storage


Fishing in Lake Victoria plays a pivotal role in the regional and national economy of Kenya. The second-largest freshwater lake in the world provides not only job opportunities within the fishing sector, but also serves as a major source of nutrients (particularly proteins) for the residents in the country and region. Due to a lack of cooling facilities and sustainable electricity supply infrastructure, there are significant post-harvest losses resulting in missed income opportunities for the fisherman and the entire value chain.


WeTu is using its existing infrastructure at Lake Victoria to pilot the potential of reducing post-harvest losses and work on sustainable business models for the local fishing and agriculture/horticulture sector. Off-grid solar energy produced at the WeTu Hubs will be used to develop cooling solutions to store and transport fresh fish and horticulture products on a daily basis. Additionally, WeTu will explore business opportunities to be developed in conjunction with local stakeholders, such as market traders, that would derive value from cooling and e-mobility solutions. In order to measure the impact of the innovation, data will be gathered to track increases in income from fish sales in the region.



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