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SunBox – solar powered mini-grids

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Eric Nyanteh

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Energy - Energy Production and infrastructure agriculture

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SunBox – solar powered mini-grids 


​Billions of people live in agricultural areas with high to very high water shortages or scarcity. About 4 billion people, representing nearly two-thirds of the global population, experience severe water scarcity for at least one month during the course of the year. In Ghana, 5 million people lack access to clean water. In general, water and electricity are scarcely available in remote rural areas of Ghana and other West African Countries, and current agriculture in this region is dependent on rain. Due to unreliable irrigation, farmers can only harvest one or a maximum of two crops annually.


A reliable irrigation facility needs electrical power. This is why TSL has emerged to provide reliable irrigation using solar power through off-grid solar plant units. TSL provides productive electricity through solar energy mini-grids, called the SunBox. These grids serve as a one-stop shop for selling electricity, purifying water, processing food, and irrigation services in off-grid/rural areas.