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Farming kits for the urban produce grower

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30% women

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​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity)

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Yes, $1 million USD

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Egypt, Middle East and North Africa

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Malik Tag

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The production of leafy green and herb crops to sustain growing populations in dense cities occurs outside the borders of the cities, primarily on large plots of farmland, and is then transported to the city to be sold to consumers in storefronts and f&b outlets. This results in a huge carbon footprint as long distances need to be covered to bring food to the where it is needed.

A growing urban population needs local, agricultural innovations to sustainably produce more fresh food, meeting citizens’ personal consumption demand and creating a new income generating activity for low- and medium-income residents.


The Urban Farming Kit is a complete farm-in-a-box that fits on top of any building’s roof, and can grow a variety of leafy greens and herbs. With the help of a smart farm controller and a mobile application for guidance and support, anyone can easily become an urban farmer and start an agricultural business from the comfort of their own home. The kit allows for the production of fresh produce hydroponically, and within the vicinity of the final market, and the possibility of a true “farm-to-table” experience. This reduces the carbon footprint (exhaust from transportation, excess water used in traditional farming vs hydroponics), makes cities greener by having greenery on the roofs, which also insulates buildings and reduces the energy needed for cooling/heating.


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