Reel Gardening

Biodegradable Seed Tape

Employee Gender Breakdown


Innovation Type


Financing Goals

​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity), Seeking combination of debt and equity

Seeking investment?

Yes, $3 million

Country of Incorporation

South Africa

Country(ies) of Implementation

South Africa

Contact Name

Claire Reed

Product Segment

Water - Re-use / Efficiency

A simple, quick, and effective biodegradable paper tape that encases organic fertilizer and seeds at the correct depth and distance apart, resulting in a potential saving of 80% in water consumption.

Milestones and Achievements

Reel Gardening has manufactured and delivered over 300,000 household gardens. They have implemented their Garden in a Box technology in 200 schools and have secured the matching funds to meet their Year 1 Securing Water for Food obligations. Reel Gardening has saved 19.5 million liters of water, farmed 30 hectares of land, and produced approximately 1,000 tons of produce from their seed tape. The innovator has established two new partnerships and finalized their first international partnership with an organization based in Kenya.


  • Support in developing and implementing an agent distribution model to roll out school gardens and in establishing a process for follow-on sales within a community.
  • Assistance in efficient and effective forecasting and cash flow management processes and help in finding tools to enable the capture and reporting of backup documentation that will support cost share obligations.
  • Aid in developing a buy-one-donate-one retail model to help Reel Gardening determine how this model could be marketed and implemented without overpricing the product and how they can size the market to assess potential uptake for this kind of model.

Success Story

How Reel Gardening Went from an Idea to a Successful Business

Case Study

Reel Gardening Case Study


Planting a home garden can be a daunting task requiring access to large volumes of water, start-up capital, and at least some gardening knowledge. For many low-income communities, committing precious resources to seeds, fertilizer, and water just to have a garden fail can be a deterrent to growing your own produce, which can feed a family or be sold for extra income.


Reel Gardening has developed a unique seed system that can be grown into a vegetable or herb garden in nearly any region. The innovator pre-packages a paper strip with seeds and fertilizers so it can be easily planted at the correct depth and maintained. It takes just 5 minutes to plant, uses 80% less water and provides hours of joy and months of food.



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