Tropical weather forecast for farmers linked with farming advisory services

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Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria

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Kwabena Frimpong

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Digital Solution

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A highly accurate weather model that helps farmers to sow, fertilize and harvest at the optimum time, manage their daily activities, improve crop yields, and optimize food production.


With more than 96% of agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa being rain-fed, smallholder-farmers are particularly exposed to changing rainfall patterns which adversely impact yield and product quality. As the frequency and intensity of climate shocks and unpredictable weather patterns increase, the risk of food insecurities will intensify due to yield losses and higher food prices.



Ignitia’s highly accurate weather forecasts support farmers to address climate-related vulnerabilities throughout the agricultural value chain. Their innovative s flagship product is a 48hour forecast message, delivered daily via SMS, directly to the subscriber’s phone. The forecasts also feature monthly and seasonal predictions and detail the likelihood, timing and intensity of the weather. Ignitia is currently also working on a last mile distribution model: village-based advisors will support farmers with key advisory forecasts-based services.



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