EGYMAG Biotechnology

Creating a circular enconomy for animal feed and organic fertilizers through black solider fly larvae

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​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity), Seeking combination of debt and equity, Seeking hybrid (convertible debt or similar), Seeking corporate investors

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Yes, $6 million

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Dr.Ahmed Obied Rady

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As climate change continues and the costs of animal feed continue to grow, farmers need to look for alternative sources. This is particularly true in Egypt, as the country is an importer of animal feed and fertilizers and has growing food consumption. 


Egymag developed a unique technique to produce Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae as a protein source for animals, birds and fish and as an organic fertilizer. As part of Egymag’s efforts to maintain a circular economy, the BSF larvae are fed vegetable waste from markets.  

The innovator engages women and the base of the pyramid by including workers who are smallholder farmers, unskilled or low-income workers in their production system and larvae breeding. Also, the innovator’s production sites are mostly run by women.  


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