Chitosan Egypt

Premium and Nature-based Shrimp Biofertilizer for Organic and Sustainable Farming Needs

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33% women

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Yes, $1 million USD

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Farmers  growing food using sustainable, organic practices or for export face a conflict between affordability, performance, and quality requirements for export/sale. Usually, they are torn between needing to have zero-residue crops, while combating fatal pests and  a fluctuating climate. 

If you mention “organic produce” in front of a farmer or farm owner, there are three problems that come to their mind: (1) it’s most likely too expensive; (2) organic produce requires intensive resource use for real results; and (3) at the end of the day, the farmer will be left short of their production or revenue goals.


Chitosan Egypt set out to create a company that solves the above challenges by producing organic pesticides and fertilisers that have a  lower cost and higher efficiency than chemical ones. The company’s organic products average a yield increase of 44%, when compared with chemicals. Farmers see an average return on investment of 7.3x, when comparing the price of Chitosan Egypt products against the competition, in addition to the extra agricultural yield gained.

Powered by an in-house laboratory and an advisory team from Egypt’s leading EU & ISO-certified laboratories, Chitosan Egypt has come to be known for designing & manufacturing premium nature-inspired and  shrimp-derived biofertilizers and biopesticides that further mobilise resources towards optimal performance. Chitosan Egypt aspires to design products that are from nature, for nature, and by nature,  delivering high-performance formulas that utilize 100% EU-approved ingredients for a completely organic experience with a zero preharvest interval period. The company also aims to produce products that are affordable and available for a wider customer base.



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