Biomass SAL

Increasing Organic Food Production through the sustainable use of resources

Employee Gender Breakdown

33% women

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​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity), Seeking debt (commercial or DFI), Seeking combination of debt and equity, Seeking hybrid (convertible debt or similar), Seeking corporate investors

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Contact Name

Mario Massoud

Product Segment

Energy - Farm Input, Energy - Agricutural Processing, Water - Irrigation

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Lebanon benefits from an ideal climate and terrain for the agricultural production of  many crops and products. The opportunity to increase farming capacity and to serve the food industry and the consumers is substantial. The opportunity is accelerated by a critical need to increase local food production and to do it, in more sustainable and responsible ways.


Biomass increases the production capacity of organic certified food products in Lebanon, by using farming techniques and practices that reduce and optimize agricultural input use and resource use. Examples of targeted resources include water (drip irrigation, permaculture, etc) and energy (by using renewable energy). 

The company aims to drive gender equality in the workforce and to offer equal development opportunities and positive impacts to women across the country.



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