Amped Innovation

Developing affordable solar cooling products through a results-based financing project

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Country of Incorporation

United States

Country(ies) of Implementation

Kenya, Uganda, United States

Product Segment

Energy - Aggregation, Storage, & Logistics, Energy - Energy Production and infrastructure agriculture


In East Africa there is a challenge of access to cooling of food due to the proximity to the main grid largely affecting small holder farmers. Even though they could use a solar fridge, these are typically expensive at around $800-$1,000 and therefore completely inaccessible for most smallholder farmers. Amped has conducted research to identify the high-cost contributors to the solar fridges and has identified the two main ones: the lithium battery and import tariffs. The company has been investing its resources in research and design to create a more affordable refrigerator.


Amped designs affordable appliances from the ground up for energy efficiency to create a better experience: brighter and longer runtimes. Amped’s approach of “building better solar” has quickly gained traction with customers across Africa and Southeast Asia, with the company selling over 110,000 solar lighting and television kits in 20 countries. Today Amped is applying this same design approach to solar refrigerators.

The joint project titled “Affordable Distributed Cold Chain” is a results-based financing project (“RBF project’’) with an aim to develop affordable solar products. This project will support Amped to launch its ultra-affordable solar refrigerator that will utilize a water-battery (rather than the more expensive lithium one). The solar refrigerator will enable farmers in East Africa to access refrigeration for food, thereby reducing waste and increasing their incomes. This cost-effective solution will generate over $160 in savings for the end user.