AUTOFARM – automated farming system for water and energy savings compatible with open and vertical agriculture

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Company Stage

Stage 1: 0-100 end-users

Financing Goals

​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity)

Seeking investment?

Yes, $200,000

Country of Incorporation

West Bank/Gaza

Country(ies) of Implementation

Jordan, West Bank/Gaza

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Shadha Musallam

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Product Segment

Water - Re-use / Efficiency


The exposure of crops to climatic change, and/or to limited or deteriorated water sources has intensified the need to investigate crop water requirements to produce maximum yield. Also, studies reveal that at farm level, water is not only used to fulfill irrigation requirements but also for other purposes, including the distribution of fertilizers and/or pesticides and post-harvest washing.  

Due to the fact that many farmers within West Bank/Gaza have limited access to land and restricted access to water, it is essential that they optimize agriculture and use every drop of water efficiently. In some instances, over-irrigation and overuse of fertilizers is common amongst farmers, especially inexperienced farmers. 


AgriTopia’s AutoFarm system helps farmers ensure that they are providing the best environment for each crop. The system calculates exactly how much water and chemicals are needed for each crop and distributes those amounts, while controlling the lighting, humidity, and temperature for growth stimulation.  

The AutoFarm system automatically controls the greenhouse environment in order to improve productivity, eliminate seasonality of products, and reduce quantity and cost of water. Moreover, AutoFarm is a flexible system and can be applied to any farm size. The system is also attractive for young and women farmers, because its automation requires less effort and gives larger yields all year long.