One Stop Shop for Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems

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Stage 3: 1001-10,000 end-users

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Yes, $1.7 million

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Mohamed Serag

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Energy - Farm Input, Water - Irrigation

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In Egypt, irrigation canals are frequently located below ground level, necessitating the use of pumps to lift water to the fields. This pumping is dependent on the use of fossil fuels – directly through diesel generators and indirectly through electricity. 

Recently, the agricultural sector is facing an energy crisis, as increasing electricity demand from urban areas results in frequent shortages and blackouts. This results in disrupting farmers’ regular irrigation scheduling, which causes missed crop water requirements and, consequently, declining of crop yields.  


Agrisolar’s solution is a one stop shop for solar irrigation systems, providing clients with all parts needed to install a fully functional system. The innovator makes the innovation more affordable by assisting farmers with end-user financing and maintaining very strong relations with downstream firms. Agrisolar also relies on the efficient sourcing of components and supplying it to solar firms while manufacturing selected components locally. 


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