Policy and Regulatory Needs of Technology Providers in the Clean Energy-Agriculture Nexus

Powering Agriculture webinar “Policy and Regulatory Needs of Technology Providers in the Clean Energy-Agriculture Nexus” was hosted by WE4F on November 4, 2020. The session covered the barriers and needs of innovators in regard to policy and regulation. Arai Monteforte, the Energy Sector Director at TetraTech, presented the key findings from PAEGC’s report “Navigating Policy and Regulation in The Clean Energy-Agriculture Nexus: A Guide for Companies to Engage Policymakers“.

The session drew conclusions from a PAEGC-organized ‘Policy Round Table’ in Kenya and subsequent interviews with private companies, government officials, NGOs, donors and other stakeholders. The policy round table focused on four major challenges: promoting the ease of business operations, rewarding quality, stimulating market growth, and strengthening private-public partnerships. The session showed that the clean energy-agriculture nexus is growing. It straddles multiple sectors and lacks clarity in policy and regulation, so governments and donors must leverage their resources to support growth in the sector. The webinar concluded with WE4F showcasing how the PAEGC lessons learned were considered in WE4F’s new program design to ensure more efficient support and greater scale of innovations.

If you want to learn more about the needs of innovators, make sure RSVP to next week’s session on designing and integrating gender-focused technical assistance and 11/19’s session on improving enabling environments for sustainable agribusinesses.

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