Build Climate Resilient, Water- and Energy-Efficient Agriculture with WE4F at World Water Week 2021

In the next 10 years, the effects of climate change may worsen and smallholder farmers in the hardest-hit countries may have their livelihoods ruined. Temperatures may rise, weather patterns may shift, and water access may decrease. In order for farmers to adapt and become resilient to these changes, they need to be able to access innovative water-energy-food (WEF) nexus solutions. To make these solutions, such as climate-friendly technologies, accessible and help smallholder farmers grow more food with less water and energy, nexus actors from around the world need to join forces and act on potential solutions. 

At World Water Week 2021, WE4F is sharing its model for meeting the WEF nexus challenges. In our session “Building Resilient Water-Energy Efficient Agriculture Through Regional Innovation Hubs,” we’re sharing how a global program can work with local implementers and entrepreneurs to impact smallholder farmers, gender equality, climate change, food security, and the protection of the environment and biodiversity. Experts from East Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Southern and Central Africa, and West Africa will share their regional perspective on scaling companies through technical assistance, grants, and investment facilitation. 

A major component of WE4F is listening to local experts and entrepreneurs to understand the on-the-ground situation. It’s an element that we bring to all of our activities – especially webinars where we are able to reach a wider audience. During our World Water Week session, WE4F will host a Q&A to learn more about the external view of the program and explore any potential gaps not currently being addressed. To us, researchers’, policymakers’, entrepreneurs’, and farmers’ voices are more important than our own. We invite you to join us at World Water Week 2021, so together we can discuss what comes next for nexus programming.