UN Water Conference 2023 Update: WE4F Continues Its Commitment to Sustainable Water Management

At the UN Water Conference in March 2023,  WE4F hosted a session on bringing together the three communities/silos to achieve sustainable water and food security in the context of climate change –  business and industry, the scientific and technological community, and farmers.

During the same session, the WE4F Donor Partners committed to contributing a combined $7.5 million for sustainable water management and the development of new tools and resources through the International Water Management Institute and other partners. Following up on those commitments, one of the key steps to further improve sustainable water management is underway.

We are pleased to announce that a comprehensive water basin assessment study has started in two vital regions, South Asia and Southeast Asia and the Middle East and North Africa.

The assessment study delves into the unique characteristics and challenges of several prominent river basins: the River Basin in Lebanon, the Red River Basin in Vietnam, the Ganges River Basin in India, the Nile River Basin in Egypt, and the Moghra Aquifer in Egypt’s West Desert.

Through a rigorous procurement process by the MENA RIH, the renowned team at BRL Ingénierie has been selected to spearhead this crucial study.