Invest in Southern and Central Africa through Water and Energy for Food

For most African countries, the agriculture sector is the cornerstone of economic growth. Over a third of national incomes, the majority of export revenues and employment can be attributed to businesses operating in this sector. 

Sub-Saharan African countries spend less per capita on agriculture compared to other regions, despite the fact that investment in the sector is 11 times more effective in reducing poverty. 

The WE4F Southern and Central Africa Regional Innovation Hub (S/CA RIH) is looking to partner with investors who want to change this and increase the investment threshold in the region. The innovators from this hub address the challenges that affect smallholder farmers and food value chains.

Investing in a WE4F S/CA innovator means that you can help innovative water-energy-food companies in 12 target countries grow and expand their business. The S/CA RIH’s knowledge of national policies and the due diligence it undertakes in the regions helps keen investors navigate investment prospects. The Hub also offers monitoring and evaluation, post-investment technical assistance, and continuous ESG-compliance of investments.  

Tangible impact is central to the work that innovators in Southern and Central Africa do. They are committed to sustainable development goals like reducing GHG emissions, sustainable agricultural practices, improving gender equality, and combating the effects of climate change. The socio-economic return on investment in companies like this is truly undeniable.