Tun Yat Pte.Ltd

On-demand rental service agtech to support low-income farmers in Myanmar

Employee Gender Breakdown

37% women

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Financing Goals

​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity), Seeking debt (commercial or DFI), Seeking combination of debt and equity, Seeking hybrid (convertible debt or similar), Seeking corporate investors

Seeking investment?

Yes, $1 to $5 million USD

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Hujjat Nadarajah

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Product Segment

Energy - Farm Input, Energy - Farm Production & Mechanization, Digital Solution

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Despite Myanmar being a country that relies heavily on agriculture, many farmers still cannot afford to buy farming technology they need. Farmers must rent machines or rely on traditional ox-cart equipment. Additionally, many of them harvest crops by hand.  This method is not only time consuming, but the production efficiency is also low. Farmers interested in purchasing or renting machinery face challenges when trying to access affordable and reliable farm machinery, as they have to deal with machine brokers and high rental fees.


Tun Yat provides an on-demand farming machinery service – following the “Uber for Tractor” model. The company provides farmers with relatively affordable options of renting farm machinery through matchmaking and a user-friendly online platform and service that helps eliminate the need for farmers to go through unaffordable lenders or rentals. Through Tun Yat’s Facebook platform, the company builds a marketplace between tractor owners, tractor dealers and farmers who want to rent and use machinery.  Internet of Things sensor devices are attached to the machines to collect more accurate machine utilization data that tractor dealers and banks who lend out for tractor loans want to analyze.

Tun Yat sources a fleet of highquality farming machines to provide affordable and reliable services targeting lower-income farmers. Operating in one service hub, the company trains their drivers using John Deere certified trainers to follow a new industry standards and create a standardized service that farmers can book-in with each season that matches market pricing. They fill gaps in the lack of mechanization know-how from farmers on how use mechanization inputs to increase yields.

Tun Yat also offers the existing customers with premium services, such as premium quality seeds, nanotechnology, fertilizer, and crop buy-back which links to an export buyer or local buyer. Farmers benefit by doubling their incomes after switching to premium quality seeds and gain more security from the crop buy-back. The company also provides access to women and youth by working with households of farmers. Also, more than one-third of the staff are women, including those that work at the field level with farmers.


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