Sumba Sustainable Solutions

Inclusive Solar Solutions for Sustainable Energy in Indonesian Villages

Employee Gender Breakdown

30% women

Innovation Type


Financing Goals

Seeking combination of debt and equity

Seeking investment?

Yes, $500,000 USD

Country of Incorporation


Country(ies) of Implementation


Contact Name

Sarah Hobgen

Contact Email

Product Segment

Energy - Value-Added Processing, Energy - Agricutural Processing


Women in rural areas spend many hours each year manually processing of crops, collecting water, washing clothes, collecting firewood and cooking on an open fire. For young women in many cultures around the world, this domestic work and farm labor must be finished before they are able to devote time and energy to education, participate in trainings or community development programs, or develop a micro-enterprise. Domestic and manual agricultural work remains a major barrier to women’s economic participation and empowerment.


The Sumba Sustainable Solution provides technology that increases access to electricity, reduces poverty and create decent work for people in rural communities. For the agricultural sector, Sumba Sustainable Solution provides solar power for a range of appliances, including rice mills, corn mills, coconut graters, coffee grinders, water pumps and UV water filters. The solar-powered Productive Use Centres (PUCs) enable women in rural areas to access labor-saving equipment in their kampung, or village, without upfront investment. The PUC is managed by a local agent on a lease-purchase agreement with users accessing equipment on a user-pays basis, creating a sustainable business model that enables access to basic infrastructure for the most remote and vulnerable communities.



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