RecyGlo Co., Ltd

Recycling for energy production and organic fertilizer

Employee Gender Breakdown

More than 50%

Innovation Type


Country of Incorporation


Country(ies) of Implementation

Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Contact Name

Okka Phyo Maung

Product Segment

Energy - Farm Input

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The price of food and fertilizer has been increasing more than 50% on average in Southeast Asia and globally. Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia, less than 20% of solid waste is recycled. Solid waste ends up in landfills and waterways, creating environmental problems if it is not properly treated and managed. Turning waste into energy production, organic fertilizer and raw materials for manufacturing can reduce emissions and environmental pollution, create jobs, and increase income in the informal sector of the supply chain.


RecyGlo offers waste to energy, waste to natural fertilizer, recycling, upcycling and composting  solutions, 3PL logistics, data analytics, reporting, certification, accreditation, and carbon offsetting. They use the latest and most cost-efficient consumer technologies to streamline their value chain and, in the food production process, use IoT, machine learning, and A.I. to increase yield and reduce human errors. 

RecyGlo targets women entrepreneurs and engage them with women sale agents to help their SMEs grow with sustainability products and services in mind. The innovator built waste to energy micro plants for them while it can generate revenue and save cost from mainstream energy grid. 


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