Pteah Baitong

Solar powered irrigation systems for smallholder farmers

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​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity), Seeking debt (commercial or DFI)

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Yes, $300,000

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Michael Anthony Papi

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Water - Irrigation

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In rural areas, 30% of Cambodian households are not connected to the electrical grid and use gasoline pumps, polluting and increasing GHG emissions.   

Additionally, 41% of farms in Cambodia are less than 1 hectare. These are among the most vulnerable and underserved families in Cambodia because solar-powered irrigation companies do not target this customer segment. Solar-powered water pumps are nota popular technology, so very few farmers have access to this renewable energy irrigation solution. 

In addition to the lack of access to affordable solar-powered irrigation systems, these farmers also lack affordable financing. Due to Cambodia’s centralized credit system between banks, farmers have a limited amount and number of loans they can hold at any given time. 


Pteah Baitong offers solar powered irrigation systems (SPIS) and additional financing support – including a PAYGO model forBOP farmers. They are the sole distributor of the solar water pump SF2 and control Cambodia’s distribution in partnership with the hardware manufacturer, Futurepump. In addition, they distribute, finance, and provide after-sales services. 

Underserved and vulnerable farmers can now afford a solar-powered irrigation system because Pteah Baitong’s PAYGO model costs only $35 per month. Its hardware, software, and local money transfer services are all integrated, allowing for a fully integrated payment management that is 100% cash-less.    


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