Nakhla Company

Maintenance and consultation services for date palms owners, improving date production and extending tree lives

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Yes, $1 million

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Labeeb faith kashif al-gitta

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Iraq used to be one of the main producers and exporters for dates. Since 2003, the date palm trees have suffered from dropping production rates due to negligence, mismanagement, and diseases. This has led to no or low profit for farmers and for trees grown in public and private areas.


Nakhla Company provides date palm tree services to farmers, households, municipalities, and others. Their services combine technical services (i.e., trimming, fertilization, harvesting) with date cleaning and packaging. These services also include sustainable and organic input materials, such as biofertilizer, and are usually coupled with consultation and advice services that educate palm tree owners on best practices. The company has recently established sales channels for the date produce and plans to start recycling palm by-products and waste.


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