Internet of Things Platform for Precision Agriculture

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30% women

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Positive net income

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​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity), Seeking combination of debt and equity, Seeking corporate investors

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Yes, $1 million USD

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Lan Anh Le

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Water - Re-use / Efficiency, Digital Solution

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MimosaTEK’s solution – an Internet of things platform for precision agriculture in Vietnam – monitors and analyzes data on farms by sensors (to measure soil moisture, rain, wind, and light) to recommend to farmers a precise irrigation schedule in real-time.


The Vietnamese agricultural market is unstable and fragmented. The agricultural value chain involves many layers of middlemen who collect produce from farmers and sell them to buyers. Hence the middlemen take away the profit from the farmers and the buyers. The farmers often sell their produce at low price and the buyers often buy them at high price. In addition, the logistics is costly, and the quality of produce grown by farmers do not meet the required criteria of the buyers. 


Next Generation Vegetables Sourcing Solutions for Wholesale Buyers  

MimosaTEK solves this problem by three-phase approach.  

Firstly, MimosaTEK solves the intermediary issue of the supply chain by connecting the farmers to the wholesale buyers. This creates more value for both the farmers and the buyers since it helps increase farmers’ income and reduce the purchase cost of the wholesale buyers. Drone and image analysis are used for crop yield forecast and supply planning.  

Secondly, we optimize the logistics process to reduce cost and waste. We optimize the transportation route and the use of appropriate vehicles to collect the produce from farms to our sorting center, and then deliver the produce from our center to different customers’ warehouses. 

Finally, we help the farmers to increase their yield and quality of produce by applying agricultural technology in their farming practice. Internet of things technology and agronomist help the farmers to improve the farming practice and crop yield. The technology helps the farmers to use water and energy resources more efficiently by telling the farmers how much water should be applied based on the crop demand.  

We are also working with farmers households where female farmers take up 50% of number of farmers. Women are recruited to work at our vegetable procurement and processing center. Our business model aims to improve the livelihood of the farmers, especially female farmers in the local community.  


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