KivuGreen Corporation

Digital platform for weather and extension services

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Company Stage

Stage 4: 10,001-999,999 end-users

Financing Goals

​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity), Seeking debt (commercial or DFI), Seeking corporate investors

Seeking investment?

Yes, $358,000

Country of Incorporation

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Country(ies) of Implementation

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Contact Name

Chris Ayale Wakomya

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Product Segment

Digital Solution

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) faces water and food challenges due to projected increases in temperature, more extreme weather events, and changes in total precipitation and rainfall variability. This is particularly true for the agricultural sector, the majority of which is rainfed, is a central engine of the DRC’s economy, and the primary source of livelihood for most Congolese.  

Combatting the effect of climate change requires weather and agricultural knowledge, however, more than 80% of smallholder farmers in the DRC face a lack of agricultural information, such as weather data and advice on organic, sustainable and profitable farming. 


KivuGreen’s solution is a web and mobile platform that supports efficient water management by connecting smallholder farmers to agricultural information and advice. This innovation works with, or without, an internet connection. The platform also bridges information gaps faced by women, with 55% of the users being women producers. KivuGreen’s innovation helps them increase agricultural productivity and income. 



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