Desert-friendly Nano-Grid Solar Pump Systems for Egypt

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Most farms in Egypt rely on diesel generators for their agricultural operations, which leads to an increase in the final product cost and a lack of competitive ability in the market. These diesel generators can be expensive to use, because of a lack of fuel in remote areas and associated high cost. 

While switching to solar energy could save the farmers money, traditional solar energy products are not built to withstand dust and water making them unsuitable for rural desert sites in Egypt. The missing electrical protection and element protection puts the systems at a higher risk for technical defects. In addition, current inverters operate pumps and motors only, and extra energy may be generated is wasted.


IRSC produces, assembles, and installs in IP54 enclosures to ensure a long life for solar  inverters, while also including a battery to power any other load at the same time. This innovation increases the capacity of local people in rural areas to install and maintain a nano-grid solar pump system. It also increases food production and provides electricity for households.

IRSC team not only provides complete renewable energy solutions but also integrates different technologies like site energy review, financial analysis, capital sourcing, ROI through modeling, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy formulation, conceptual & detailed site system design, calculations, layouts, engineering, equipment procurement, maintenance, warranties, complete system installation and integration to provide full integrated renewable energy solutions. The IRSC team can also helps customers to improve your energy efficiency and conservation by reducing phantom loads and by using less energy consumption loads and appliances to get the same job done.


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