Desert-friendly Nano-Grid Solar Pump Systems for Egypt

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25% women

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Yes, $386,829.38 USD

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Andrew Daniel

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Most farms in Egypt rely on diesel generators for their agricultural operations, which leads to an increase in the final product cost and a lack of competitive ability in the market. These diesel generators can be expensive to use, because of a lack of fuel in remote areas and associated high cost. 

While switching to solar energy could save the farmers money, traditional solar energy products are not built to withstand dust and water making them unsuitable for rural desert sites in Egypt. The missing electrical protection and element protection puts the systems at a higher risk for technical defects. In addition, current inverters operate pumps and motors only, and extra energy may be generated is wasted.


IRSC is creating a sustainable community based on agriculture. Keeping eye on all the resources needed, they are creating a model based on regenerative agriculture practices that minimize environmental impact and utilize resources to the max. IRSC is working on reaching a balanced ecosystem between the plants, livestock, fisheries and humans that can be replicated easily across rural areas to ensure sustainable food production that can withstand climate change.


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