Green Impact Technologies

Innovative solar power, biogas and biofertilizer solutions for better energy access, food production and waste management.

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Energy - Farm Production & Mechanization, Water - Irrigation


Malawi’s economy is largely agro-based with small-scale farmer’s largely dependent on rain fed agriculture. The increase in intensity and frequency of extreme weather events because of climate change has negatively impacted the economy as agricultural productivity was reduced and other disruptive climate events. Access to technologies that can help cope with the impacts of climate change, such as irrigation, are difficult to access. Inputs, such as fertilizers, and post-harvest technologies, like cooling systems, are costly.

Malawi’s population is youthful with approximately half of them (46 percent) below the age of 15 and up to 73 per cent below the age of 35 years. Their livelihoods are largely dependent on agriculture and are thus, disproportionately affected.


Green Impact Technologies champions innovative, market-driven circular economy model to support smallholder farmers increase productivity and adapt to climate change.

  • Organic fertilizer: GIT is in the process of establishing a commercially viable production and supply chain of organic fertilizers from vegetable wastes at Tsangano and Lizulu markets in Ntcheu district.
  • Affordable Pay-As-You-Go solar water pumps: Solar water pumps are sold to smallholder farmer groups or clusters, who use the energy-efficient pumps for irrigation in high value horticultural value chains
  • Solar refrigeration to reduce post-harvest losses of horticultural products: GIT set up an eHub powered by solar PV systems. Farmers can store their produce in solar refrigerators there to reduce post-harvest loses. In addition, the horticultural products will be cleaned and packaged for supply to supermarkets, hotels and other institutions. In the process farmer incomes will be improved.


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