Green Essence Lebanon

Bringing Clean and Solar-Powered Energy to Rural Communities and Farmers

Employee Gender Breakdown

10% women

Innovation Type


Company Stage

Positive operating income

Financing Goals

​Seeking equity (angel investor, venture capital or private equity)

Seeking investment?

Yes, $10 million USD

Country of Incorporation


Country(ies) of Implementation


Contact Name

Mar Elias


The current,unfolding situation in Lebanon has resulted in a growing scarcity of subsidized fuels, and little to no access to subsidized electricity from EDL (the national utility company), especially in rural farming areas. This is especially concerning for farmers, as energy usage is critical for their survival.  Also, due to the current situation, Lebanese farmers do not have access to financing, which is needed to buy capital-intensive, power-generating equipment.


Green Essence Lebanon’s solution provides farmers with solar systems and uses an innovative financing model to relieve farmers’ financial burdens. The company covers the initial investment, maintenance, and operating costs while the farmers pay the company back.   Green Essence Lebanon also creates incentives that encourages smallholder farmers to develop additional income opportunities by selling surplus pumped water and generated electricity to neighbors,  The company also creates incentives for women and marginalized populations so they have access to and benefit from the solar systems.


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