Bahir Al Kamal

Solar systems for smallholder farmers on a needs basis

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Stage 2: 101-1000 end-users

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Seeking combination of debt and equity

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Yes, $500,000

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Omar Ibrahim Maqsood

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Energy - Farm Input

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Smallholder farmers in the northern region of Iraq suffer under an unstable power supply. The national line faces frequent shortages and power outages, so most farmers are forced to switch back and forth between the national line and diesel generators to provide a stable power source for irrigation. This increases the monthly expenses that they have to put towards electricity supply, and also has a negative environmental impact due to the pollution caused by the generators.


Bahir Al Kamal conducts field studies on farmers’ croplands to evaluate the required amount of energy for the field. In addition, Bahir al Kamal installs solar energy systems and provides free maintenance services for one year following the installation. With their innovation, the company helps to reduce costs for farmers on electricity bills, generator fuels and maintenance with an environmentally friendly energy system.