Tech solutions for efficient and sustainable poultry farming

Employee Gender Breakdown

42% women

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Jordan, Egypt, Morocco

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Neamat ElTazi

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Poultry producers lose more than 10% of their revenue due to inefficiencies, internal fraud, and waste. Small producers lack access to genetics best practices, which reduces their overall production and impacts their income.


AbuErdan empowers poultry farmers to have access to affordable technology that helps them increase their production, reduce their waste, and maximize their income. AbuErdan leverages new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to offer poultry producers ways to take corrective actions on time. This enables producers to have more control over their resources, reduce their waste, maximize breed potential, and increase their income. AbuErdan  also works on a smaller version of the solution that will impact the lives of women, increasing their income by raising chickens and increasing their production by applying the best-in-the-industry poultry practices.


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