Village Industrial Power

Building Markets for Efficient Biomass Power Provision


In areas with poor access to electricity, communities may depend on fossil fuel-based technology to meet energy needs, which have adverse economic and environmental impacts.

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Seeking Grants, Seeking Angel Capital

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United States

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India, Kenya, Tanzania, Benin

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Carl Bielenberg

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Energy - Residential & Commercial Energy Production


In rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, access to modern energy services is extremely limited. Without electricity, farming communities are slow in their adoption of modern agriculture practices—resulting in sparse irrigation, lagging food production, and few opportunities for value-added processing and refrigerated storage. Though some communities depend on fossil fuel-based technologies to meet their energy needs, perpetually escalating fuel costs—coupled with adverse environmental impacts—necessitate the exploration of more affordable and sustainable options.


Village Industrial Power (VIP) steam plants are powered through the combustion of biomass waste produced at local agricultural processing facilities. The VIP Plants generate mechanical/electrical/thermal energy for use in a diverse range of agricultural activities—processing fruit, palm, rice, and cocoa; dairy pasteurization; purifying water; and powering irrigation pumps.