Productive Waste-to-Energy Systems to Enhance Agricultural Productivity and Create Energy Savings for Smallholder Farmers in Kenya


It has been estimated that approximately 400M smallholder farmers worldwide could use biodigesters to meet domestic energy and biofertilizer needs generating saving and increasing yields and incomes. Biodigesters enable smallholder farmers and agribusiness to convert their waste into productive scale energy while reducing greenhouse gases.

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Kenya, Mexico

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Christine Roddy

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Energy - Farm Production & Mechanization


Many of the poorest people globally live and work on small- and medium-scale farms. Most of them have limited access to clean energy and sustainable agricultural inputs and they are all being impacted by climate change. These farms grow 80% of the food consumed today, and are the cornerstones of rural economies, yet lack investments in technology and training that can make significant gains for their farms over the long term, crucial for food production to keep up with population growth. provides access to clean energy, sustainable fertilizer, effective waste management, as well as reduced costs and increased harvest revenues. Through the adoption of the company’s biodigesters, farmers and their families can increase their income through: a) savings in energy consumption, reducing expenses on gas, firewood and electricity services; b) cost savings of chemical fertilizers; c) additional income through increased crop yields, value‐added to agricultural products from biogas and the sale of bio‐fertilizer.


The package includes anaerobic digestion reactors that allows farmers to treat their organic waste, create renewable biogas energy and recycle nutrients back into their farm. launched commercial activities in Kenya in July of 2017 with a package of products, services and financing to create waste-to-energy infrastructure for smallholder farmers. Over’s first year of commercial operations, it has grown to be the largest biogas company in East Africa, with over 70% of the Kenyan market share.



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